Utility Fees

Water, sewer and trash fees that are imposed by the government, rather than by an investor owned utility, are heavily restricted by Proposition 218.  We challenge fees when they are inequitable, meaning one class of ratepayer is charged more than its fair share, or when the fees embed hidden surcharges designed to fund non-utility services.

Illegal Taxes

All taxes in California must be approved by voters.  State and local governments have attempted to evade this requirement by characterizing taxes as "fees" or "assessments." Whether a government exaction is a tax is sometimes a difficult question.  We have examined and litigated this issue on numerous occasions.



California statutes allow local governments and special districts to impose assessments on your property to fund projects that will allegedly benefit your property.  Proposition 218 requires the government to carefully examine whether the project specially benefits property owners above and beyond benefits bestowed on the public at large.  Property owners can only be assessed for the special benefit.


Business Litigation

We represent business owners in litigation, including in contentious partnership disputes and business separations.  We seek creative solutions to minimize disruption to your business while you fight for your rights.  Protect the time and money you have invested in building your business by retaining attorneys who will take the time to understand your business.


Our attorneys began their careers in the investment world as a stockbroker and securities enforcement attorney for the State of California.   We represent defrauded investors in cases against stock promoters, issuers, and professionals.  We also bring FINRA arbitrations for clients whose financial professionals have failed to handle their investments properly.


Next Steps...

We handle many cases on a contingency basis.  Call us to inquire whether we can provide a free evaluation of your case.